ðŸĨŠForce Master

The Force Master has been recognized for possessing the fourth highest 1v1 Damage among all the classes. However, one might ask, why is this the case? To begin with, the Force Master is regarded as the second best Tank Class due to his impressive base HP, which sets him apart from his peers. Additionally, his AoE capabilities are relatively decent, and his 1v1 Damage output is not too shabby either.

Despite his prowess in multiple areas, the Force Master's overall gameplay style is that of a Hybrid. Consequently, it is expected that his 1v1 Damage output should not be excessively high. This is where his unique debuff comes into play, which helps to mitigate any minimal lack of damage that may be encountered during combat. Overall, the Force Master is a versatile class that boasts an array of impressive abilities and attributes, making him a formidable opponent in both group and individual fights.

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