Level 1 to 175

Welcome to Entropia: Beginner Rewards and Progression Guide

Starter Kit

  • Special Event Power-Ups: Boosts to get ahead in the game.

  • Platinum Scrolls: Valuable scrolls for enhancing your gameplay.

  • Food: Necessary sustenance for your adventures.

  • Collector +5: A tool to help you collect valuable items.

  • Collecting Battery: Powers your Collector for extended use.

  • Beginner Glyph: Enhances your character with magical properties.

  • Beginner EXP Potion Recipe: Craft potions to accelerate your EXP gain.

  • Level-Down Item Scrolls: Adjust your level as needed for strategy.

  • Job Change Ring (Limited): Allows you to switch your job class early on.

Milestone: Level 61

Upon reaching level 61, you'll be rewarded with a Job-Specific Event Box. It contains:

  • Donate Weapons: Weapons tailored to your class.

  • Donate Armor: Armor designed for your class needs.

These items are valid for a seven-day period, providing a significant boost.

Ultimate Goal: Level 175

Your primary objective in Entropia is to reach level 175. This milestone marks significant progress and unlocks new opportunities within the game. Embark on your Entropia adventure with these rewards and set your sights on the ultimate goal. Enjoy the journey and make the most of these beneficial starting boosts!

Where Should I Start Leveling?

As usual, start in Flarine and explore the usual areas, although the monster levels on our server are higher. Note that we have modified the levels here, and it progresses quite rapidly, but it will gradually decrease later in the game and reach approximately Lowrate server levels in the endgame, which can be boosted with EXP Power-Ups. The EXP curve can be found also in our Wiki here: Server Rates

Level Route

Flarine -> Saint Morning -> Darkon 1/2 *You can also see the Monster Levels in the Teleport Description Ingame under the Hotkey: V

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