📖Item Wiki

Curious about the vast array of items currently available in the game? You're in for a treat with this indispensable feature!

Discover the Item Wiki

The gateway to a comprehensive database of in-game items is conveniently located within the game's menu. Simply navigate to Start -> Features -> Item Wiki to embark on your exploration. For even quicker access, the Item Wiki can be launched directly using the hotkey CTRL + Z, putting a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Thanks to a robust set of filter options and a streamlined search box, pinpointing the exact item you're after is both quick and hassle-free. Whether you're looking for specific gear, consumables, or any other item, the Item Wiki is your one-stop-shop for detailed information.

How to View the Model of Items in Detail?

To delve into the specifics of an item, initiate a search for its name and perform the key combination CTRL + double left-click on the item of interest. This action opens the Modelviewer window, where you can freely rotate and zoom in on the character model to get a better look at the item. Please note, it may require several attempts for the Modelviewer window to appear.

Unveiling the Contents of Boxes/Treasures

Wondering what surprises a Box or Treasure might hold? The Item Wiki makes it easy to discover the potential rewards. After locating the Box/Treasure in the Item Wiki, a simple CTRL + right-click will reveal its contents. While most Boxes/Treasures offer a random item from a specified list, others guarantee all listed items. The specific details are clearly described for each item, ensuring you know exactly what to expect. Check our Giftbox Preview System Guide Here: Click Here!

Your Ultimate In-Game Resource

The Item Wiki system is designed to enhance your gaming experience by providing immediate access to detailed information about the game's vast item collection. Whether you're strategizing your next move, searching for that perfect piece of gear, or simply satisfying your curiosity, the Item Wiki is an invaluable tool for every player.

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