ðŸĪžGuild Siege

We are proud to announce the all-new Guild Siege system that we've redesigned for our players! Now, every player with at least 10 points in the Guild Siege will receive rewards.

For each kill in the Guild Siege, you'll earn Guild Siege Coins which can be used to obtain exclusive Guild Siege items like sets, badges, pets, or models.

The winning guild's players will receive a buff that lasts until the next Guild Siege, which boosts all stats by 30%, PvE damage by 10%, and increases HP by 10%.

Even those who don't win will receive a buff, boosting all stats by 15%, PvE damage by 5%, and increasing HP by 4%.

Players placing in the top 3 will receive a Guild Siege Treasure containing extra coins and Guild Siege Tokens. All other participants will receive a Participant Treasure that includes Guild Coins.

Mark your calendars! The Guild Siege will take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 8:30 PM UTC+2.

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