What is Cardia?

Cardia is a hidden island at the edge of Madrigal, which is bigger than Saint Morning or even Darkon and has many resources for the production of items and remedies like rare plants, crystals or minerals.

The island has not been fully explored by all the inhabitants yet, maybe you will find out more.

It is the favorite island of scholars and wise people who moved to Cardia to learn everything about the island.

The island was not too long ago a place for the peaceful inhabitants of Madrigal before the chaos broke out on the island. Some people strong mages, blacksmiths, professors, scientists, adventurers, treasure hunters, miners and soldiers stayed on the island after the incident on Cardia, because they don't want to give up the place and finally all Madrigal would be in danger!

In Cardia you can expect a lot of content such as a longer story quest, group quests, daily quests, daily group boss monsters, treasures, resources, secrets and puzzles, which must be solved! There are also two group dungeons on this island. The prerequisites for Cardia are that you have at least one Soulreaver set & weapon, which is strongly upgraded, because the monsters and creatures suffer absolutely no damage with other weapons! The Soulreaver Items probably have a special power...

In Cardia you can expect a story quest (one-time), some one-time hunt quests, which can be done alone or as a group and daily quests of which you always get 10 random ones every day and should be done quickly.

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