Infinity Grid

Athena gives you the power of Infinity Stones to help you to reclaim the kingdom of Madrigal. The Infinity Grid has been bound to your character by Athena and can only be used by her.
For the Infinity Grid, you will need to earn Infinity Points, which will be shown in the Infinity Grid or as a Buff in the Top right corner of your window
You can get Infinity Points by completing Tasks such as:
  • Killing Monsters
  • Killing Boss Monsters
  • Daily Quests in Kebaria/Aurania
  • Collect on the Collectorfield
  • Killing people in the Guild Siege/Rumble
  • Recycle Infinity Stone
With the Infinity IP-Stone from the Vote Shop you get the double amount of Infinity Points for 1 hour! The Infinity Points got a Weekly Farm Limit:
  • You can collect up to 2.000.000 Infinity Points per Week
  • Sometimes there are events where you get double Infinity Points!
Infinity Grid - Explained:
The Infinity grid is about to get the best out of it over a longer period of time. The Stones on the outside will give you 1 to 5 random status values depending on the stone. The Insert/Removal costs are starting from 7.500 to 25.000 Infinity Points (Depending on the Stone)
The Middle Crystals are there for every character from the beginning and can be levelled up for infinity points.
The Infinity stones (outer rim) are available in different variations and can be dropped in the Kingdom Heaven of Madrigal Dungeon and from some older dungeons (lower chance).
  • Check the Droplist from the Teleporter to know, where you can drop those stones!
Stone Effects: (You randomly get 1 to 5 effects when using)
  • You can remove the stones again and try to get new values!
If you Place the Madrigal Stone (Duplicate) in a slot of the Infinity Grid, then you can get, for example:
3x STR+1 or 5x STR+1 or 2x INT+1 & 1x Speed+1% & DEX+2 !