Black Shiny Bonus Upgrade Scroll (Weapon Fusion)

The Black Shiny Bonus Upgrade Scroll (Weapon Fusion) operates under the same principle as its counterpart for equipment and weapons, offering players a method to enhance the bonuses on their fused weapons. This guide will delve into the specifics of using the fusion variant of the scroll, highlighting the differences and steps required to successfully upgrade your weapon fusion.


While the core concept remains the sameโ€”upgrading the bonus stats of your itemsโ€”the application process for the Black Shiny Bonus Upgrade Scroll (Weapon Fusion) differs slightly to accommodate the nuances of weapon fusion. This scroll is specifically designed to enhance the bonuses on a weapon that has been fused with another.

Preparing for Upgrade

  1. Identify Your Target Fusion: Start with a weapon fusion that you wish to enhance. For example, if your bow fusion has a main bonus of 20 Critical Damage and the fusion itself has 18 Critical Damage, and you aim to upgrade the fusion to 19 Critical Damage.

  2. Prepare a New Fusion: Before using the scroll, you must create a new fusion. Take a bow with 19 Critical Damage and fuse it with a "crap" or destroyed black bow. This new fusion will serve as the donor for the upgrade.

Using the Scroll

  1. Activate the Scroll: Double-click on the Black Shiny Bonus Upgrade Scroll (Weapon Fusion) to bring up the upgrade interface.

  2. Arrange the Weapons: In the upgrade window, place the newly created fusion (with the desired higher bonus) on the left side and the original weapon fusion (with the lower bonus) on the right side.

  3. Execute the Upgrade: Click the arrow in the middle of the upgrade window to transfer the higher stat from the left-side item to the right-side item. The left-side item, along with its fusion, will be destroyed in the process.

Important Notes

  • Item Destruction: Remember, the item (and its fusion) placed on the left side will be destroyed. Ensure that you are prepared to lose this item as part of the upgrade process.

  • Strategic Fusion: The process requires creating a new fusion specifically for the upgrade. This means you'll need an additional weapon with the desired higher bonus and a weapon to serve as the base for the fusion, which will ultimately be destroyed. NOTE: The item on the left side will be destroyed.

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