Serverside Black Market

Understanding the Server-side Black Market: A Detailed Overview

The Server-side Black Market operates under the administration of the Server Admin and serves as a dynamic auction house where players can bid on a variety of items. This section of the Black Market is designed to offer a controlled, competitive environment for acquiring rare and valuable items. Here's how to navigate and make the most out of the Server-side Black Market.

How the Server-side Black Market Works

  1. Item Listings: The Server Admin is tasked with listing different items on the Black Market. These items can range from common to rare, each with its unique value and utility within the game.

  2. Browsing Period: Once the Black Market session begins, players are given a 5-minute window to browse through the available items. This period is crucial for planning your bidding strategy and deciding which items you wish to pursue.

  3. Bidding Process: After the browsing period, the bidding phase commences. Players can start placing their bids on items of interest. The bidding process is competitive, requiring strategic thinking and timely decision-making.

Bidding Requirements and Rules

  • Currency Types: Items on the Server-side Black Market may require different types of currency for bidding, including ECP, Perin, or even specific items like Black Market Coupons. Black Market Coupons can be acquired from the Vote Shop, adding another layer of strategy to acquiring and using resources effectively.

  • Minimum Bid Increase: To place a bid on an item, your offer must be at least 10% higher than the current highest bid. For example, if the current bid on an item is 800 Perin, a new bid must be at least 880 Perin to overtake the highest bidder position.

  • Winning Bids: The highest bidder at the end of the bidding timer, displayed alongside the item, wins the item. The won items are directly transferred to the player's inventory.

  • Outbid Mechanism: If you are outbid by another player, the currency or items you offered are immediately returned to your inventory. This ensures you can quickly react and place new bids if desired.

Handling Full Inventories

  • In cases where your inventory is full at the time of winning an item, the Black Market system ensures you don't lose out on your winnings. Instead, the items are sent to you via the in-game post system, safeguarding your acquisitions until you can make space in your inventory.

Tips for Success in the Server-side Black Market

  • Prepare in Advance: Ensure you have the necessary currencies and items (like Black Market Coupons) ready before the market opens. This preparation allows you to bid without delays, increasing your chances of winning desired items.

  • Inventory Management: Keep your inventory as clear as possible before participating in the bidding process. This precaution prevents any delays in receiving won items, especially in the heat of competitive bidding.

  • Stay Alert: The bidding process can be fast-paced. Stay attentive to bid increments and the remaining time on items to adjust your strategy in real-time.


The Server-side Black Market offers a thrilling and strategic avenue for players to acquire unique items through a competitive bidding system. By understanding the rules, preparing appropriately, and engaging actively in the bidding process, players can enhance their gaming experience with valuable acquisitions, all while engaging in the vibrant economy of the game's community.

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