âœĻGlow Change

To change your glow in the game, you will need armor with a minimum of +3 (although +10 is recommended) and a Glowchange potion.

You can purchase the potion from other players or obtain it from the Vote Shop for 2500 Vote points.

Once you have your armor and potion, head to the [Glowchange Manager] Romen in Flarine.

Equip the armor you want to change the glow of, and then use the arrow keys to navigate to the desired category. There are two categories to choose from: main glow and handglow.

When you have found your desired combination, place your Glowchange potion in the designated slot and confirm by clicking "Ok."

If you are no longer satisfied with your new glow, you can remove it by pressing the Reset button. Note that this can only be done on Channel 1, and your Glowchange potion will not be refunded.

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