Aurania Temple

The Aurania Temple is the main dungeon in Aurania, and it is where you can obtain the most critical part for Black Weapons. The end boss in this dungeon drops Black Weapon Materials that you can use to create weapons boxes in Aurania. To successfully complete this dungeon, you will need a team with equipped Shiny characters. You will need to have 1.800.000 HP and a strong damage output. A Tank with Suck Blood, an AoE class, and a 1o1 class are the perfect team for this dungeon.

The monsters in the Aurania Temple are challenging, and you will need to have a solid strategy to overcome them. The dungeon is not easy, and it requires a coordinated team effort. As you progress through the dungeon, you will encounter several mini-bosses before facing the end boss. It is crucial to defeat these mini-bosses to progress through the dungeon.

The Black Weapon Materials dropped by the end boss are crucial to obtaining Black Weapons. These weapons are among the most powerful in the game, and they are highly sought after by players. Additionally, the coins earned from this dungeon can be used to purchase valuable items such as upgrade stones and potions.

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