Bonus Transfer Card

The Bonus Transfer Card is a pivotal tool in the game that allows players to strategically enhance their gear by transferring bonuses between items. This guide will delve into the specifics of how to use the Bonus Transfer Card effectively, focusing on its application for black or Soulreaver items.


The Bonus Transfer Card offers a unique opportunity to upgrade your equipment by transferring bonuses from one item to another. This process is crucial for optimizing your gear's performance in various game scenarios. However, there are specific conditions and limitations to be aware of before proceeding with the bonus transfer.

Key Conditions

  • Item Type Restriction: The transfer of bonuses can only occur between items of the same type. For example, a bonus from a weapon cannot be transferred to a suit, and vice versa.

  • Bonus Variability: The specific bonus being transferred does not need to match between the two items. This means you can transfer different types of bonuses as long as the items are of the same type.

Using the Bonus Transfer Card

  1. Select Your Items: Identify the two items you wish to use in the transfer process. Ensure both items are either black or Soulreaver items and of the same type (e.g., two weapons or two suits).

  2. Prepare for the Transfer: Place the item with the desired bonus to transfer on the left side of the transfer window. This item will be the source of the bonus. Place the item you wish to upgrade on the right side.

  3. Initiate the Transfer: Activate the Bonus Transfer Card by double-clicking on it and proceed with the transfer by confirming the action. The item on the left side, which is the source of the bonus, will be destroyed in the process, and its bonus will be transferred to the item on the right side.

Important Considerations

  • Item Destruction: Be fully aware that the item placed on the left side of the transfer window will be consumed and destroyed during the bonus transfer process. This is a permanent action, and the item cannot be recovered.

  • Strategic Selection: Given the irreversible nature of the bonus transfer, it's crucial to carefully select which bonus to transfer and to which item. Consider the overall impact on your gear setup and gameplay strategy.

Please keep in mind that the item on the left side will be destroyed in the process.

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