Wilds/Savage Wilds

The Wild Dungeons may not hold the highest priority in Entropia, but they are still quite significant. In these dungeons, you will need runes, but they can only be obtained by defeating the end boss. However, you will receive more than three runes at a time, and the number can vary.

Apart from the runes, you can also obtain level 3 beads that will greatly enhance your damage output. Furthermore, you can purchase models and power-ups using the runes from the Wilds Exchanger NPC located outside the dungeon.

While not as critical as some other dungeons, the Wild Dungeons are still worthwhile to explore. The rewards may not be as plentiful, but they can still be quite useful in enhancing your character's abilities. So, be sure to visit the Wild Dungeons when you're ready for a new challenge and to acquire some valuable items to aid you in your journey.

You can see the map of Wilds here.

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