Server Rates

Experience Rate: Custom (High to Lowrate) (Early -> Endgame) Our unique experience rate system allows players to increase their character's level through various methods. We have a Platinum Level system that can be increased up to level 175 and 99.99% experience by using Platinum Level scrolls. These scrolls can be obtained for free or from an NPC in Flaris. Platinum levels do not provide additional stats, but players will receive items that give stats such as Stat Pets or Accessories for their character. Platinum Level 50 is the highest level that can be achieved through leveling. Players can reach higher levels by completing daily quests, activities, and dungeons. Reaching higher Platinum levels will also unlock additional rewards from the Donate Shop or valuable chests. With the "Myths of Cardia" patch, we introduced the Royal Level system for our endgame players. This system works similarly to the Platinum Level system, but increasing the Royal Level unlocks more game content (2 new level maps and a large zone with different biomes) and strengthens the character with new stats. The Royal Level system has a very low experience rate, but it can be increased through EXP items and occasional Royal EXP events.
If anyone is wondering how leveling works for new players: Please also check our Beginner Guide -> Reach level 175. -> Platinum level in various areas and receive platinum rewards that strengthen the character. -> From Platinum 40, the EXP curve is significantly lowered. -> P50 is the last platinum level. -> All further platinum levels above P50 are just bonuses that can be leveled through tasks and dungeons. -> After reaching Platinum 50, the new Royal Level System is introduced, which is built on a low rate but can also be increased with power-ups. -> Obtain Soulreaver weapons / equipment because otherwise, no damage can be done to the Royal Monsters. -> RL. 0 to 1 = Complete quests (1-2h) -> RL. 1 to 6 = Leveling (A bit longer) -> RL. 6 to 10 = Complete quests (1-3 days depending on playtime / whether you quest solo or in a group) -> Get Royal equipment / weapons which can be worn from RL. 10. -> RL. 10 to 15 = Longer leveling, but can be postponed unless one wants to unlock the Trance Mode / Soulreaver Power-Up. Drop Rate: 8000x (Custom in Mid / Endgame - So that it's not to much) In addition to our balancements and existing drops and rates, we have added numerous new drops and items throughout Madrigal and our custom content. Many dungeons are also designed so that you can farm the respective currency from the regular monsters to obtain something. Penya Rate: 4000x Our revised currency system offers a wide range of possibilities for earning and spending Penya. While the rate may seem overpowered at first, players will be surprised by the numerous opportunities available to them. Job classes that play as 1-on-1 receive double the amount of Penya per killed monster compared to job classes that use AoE skills for farming. This is because AoE classes can acquire very high Penya amounts, and we want to give something back to 1-on-1 players. Despite receiving half the amount per monster, AoE classes farm faster because they can kill multiple monsters in a shorter amount of time. Last Content Patch: Current Class Balance: Scroll down for Stat Pictures Beginner Guide: Beginner Guide