👑World Boss System

The World Boss System is an integral part of the game, offering players the opportunity to face off against formidable bosses in exchange for valuable rewards. These rewards are crucial for upgrading your equipment and enhancing your overall gameplay experience. This guide provides an overview of how to access World Bosses, the rewards system, spawn times, and additional considerations for specific bosses.

Accessing World Bosses

Players can quickly teleport to World Boss locations using the teleport function (Hotkey: V). This feature ensures that players can join the battle effortlessly, focusing on strategy and combat rather than navigation.


Engaging with a World Boss and dealing damage makes you eligible for rewards. These rewards play a significant role in advancing your character's strength and abilities. Participation is key, as it increases your chances of obtaining high-tier loot.

Spawn Times and Locations

World Bosses follow specific spawn schedules. Below is a detailed table of their spawn times, including notes on additional random spawns for certain bosses.

World BossFixed Spawn TimesAdditional Random Spawns


08:00 PM - UTC+2


Entropia King

06:30 PM - UTC+2


Big Muscle

08:00 AM - UTC+2


Great Venux Tree

03:00 PM - 11:00 PM - UTC+2


Project C-A01

03:00 PM - 11:00 PM - UTC+2



03:00 AM - UTC+2



07:00 PM - UTC+2


Royal Knight

08:15 PM - UTC+2

1x Random Spawn between 10AM - 11PM - UTC+2

Special Consideration: Great Venux Tree

The Great Venux Tree is located within a PvP (Player vs. Player) Zone. This adds an extra layer of challenge and risk, as other players can attack you during the battle. Moreover, if you are carrying Venux Quest Items in your inventory and are killed by another player, you will lose those items to your assailant. Exercise caution when planning to engage the Great Venux Tree:

  • Prepare for PvP: In addition to preparing for the World Boss, ensure you are ready for potential player encounters.

  • Secure Your Items: Consider storing Venux Quest Items or other valuable items before heading into the PvP Zone to minimize losses.

  • Team Up: Having allies can significantly reduce the risk of being targeted by other players.

Strategy Tips

  • Preparation is Key: Ensure your gear is in top condition and that you have enough potions and buffs for the fight.

  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Collaborate with other players to effectively manage the boss's health and attacks. Utilizing different roles (tank, DPS, healer) is crucial.

  • Stay Alert: Pay attention to the boss's attack patterns and avoid AoE abilities that can be devastating.


The World Boss System offers a unique and rewarding challenge, providing players with the chance to obtain valuable loot and experience intense combat scenarios. By understanding the spawn times, preparing adequately, and being mindful of the additional risks in certain locations, such as the PvP zone around the Great Venux Tree, players can maximize their chances of success. Teamwork, strategy, and preparation are your best tools in conquering these formidable foes.

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