After Platin 50

Congratulations on Reaching Platinum Level 50!

Reaching Platinum Level 50 is a significant achievement, but the journey doesn't stop here. The world of Kebaria and Aurania offers endless adventures for those looking to push the limits. Hereโ€™s what you can do beyond Platinum Level 50:

Continue the Adventure

  • Level Beyond Platinum Level 50: Leveling up beyond Platinum Level 50 is optional. Continue to earn Activity EXP through diverse in-game activities to unlock new challenges and rewards.

How to Earn Activity EXP for P50+ ~ P100+

  • Dungeon Runs: Team up with friends or other players to conquer challenging dungeons.

  • Complete Daily Quests: Kebaria and Aurania are filled with daily quests that yield generous Activity EXP and rewards.

  • Participate in Events: Join server-side events like the Guild War for a unique chance to earn additional EXP and exclusive items.

Boost Your Progress

  • Take advantage of power-ups or buffs available during weekend events to speed up your Activity EXP gain.

Gear Up

  • Farm Guild Activities: Participate in activities like Battlegrounds or Guild Siege to get some goodies and Buffs.

  • Join Dungeons: Dive into custom content dungeons for exclusive gear and challenges.

Embark on this next phase of your journey with confidence. The path ahead is filled with opportunities to strengthen your character and forge lasting alliances. Ready, set, grind!

Equipment / Weapon Route

  • Early: Shiny Set / Weapons (Les Britannia / Abyssal Cove Dungeon)

  • Midgame: Black Shiny Set / Weapons (Kebaria / Aurania Map)

  • Late Midgame: Soulreaver Set / Weapons (Ethral / Trigrem)

  • Endgame: Royal Set / Weapons (Cardia & RL 10+ Dungeons)

From Shiny onwards, you'll need the current set to reach the next weapon/equipment level. You'll then have to merge your Shiny with destroyed Black Shiny items to create a intact Black Shiny item part, which you can then wear for higher effects.

The bonus stats from the Shiny set won't be carried over when merging with a destroyed Black Shiny part.

When merging Black Shiny with a destroyed Soulreaver item, the bonuses from the Black Shiny part will combine with the Soulreaver part, giving you two bonus stats on your new part.

You'll need the Soulreaver set and weapons if you're leveling up from Royal Level 0 to 10 yourself. Only with the Soulreaver weapons can you deal damage to the monsters!

For endgame Royal equipment, you won't need to merge your equipment anymore. The Soulreaver items can then be converted into a special HP & damage buff, which becomes stronger if you have good Soulreaver equipment.

Comprehensive Upgrades

  • Beyond Equipment: Upgrade not only your equipment but also pets, accessories, and fashion equipment. Each starts at a base tier and can be incrementally improved to higher versions through farming or upgrading.

This guide should serve as a foundational reference for your in-game advancement, focusing on both character progression and comprehensive equipment upgrades.

Royal Level System Guide

If you're new to the game or prefer a standard progression route, there's no immediate need to concern yourself with the Endgame Royal Level System. It becomes relevant once you achieve a very Good Equipment and Platinum Level 50 or higher, at which point you can initiate a Royal Questline in Flarine. Completing this questline advances you from Royal Level 0 to 1.

To effectively combat Royal Level monsters, it's essential to acquire Soulreaver weapons and equipment, previously considered endgame items, from the Ethral/Trigrem region. Preparing for this challenge is a significant undertaking and will be detailed in a separate, dedicated guide.

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