Amethyst Forest

Once you reach Royal Level 10, there are five additional levels to achieve. Upon reaching Royal Level 15, you can melt down your Soulreaver equipment and unlock the Trance Mode. Additionally, you will receive three stats per level beyond Royal Level 10.

To level up after reaching Royal Level 10, you can participate in Daily Quests or level up in the Amethyst Forest, which can be accessed at Royal Level 10. The monsters in this map can deal up to 1.2 million damage, so it's essential to have solid Royal equipment in order to defeat them.

It's important to note that leveling up after Royal Level 10 requires more effort and dedication, as the challenges become increasingly difficult. However, the rewards are also greater, and the Trance Mode can be a valuable asset for battle. Be sure to continuously upgrade your equipment and stats to keep up with the challenges and make the most of your Royal Level progression.

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