👕Wardrobe System

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on the Wardrobe System, a feature that allows players to customize the appearance of their characters and gear without altering their stats. This system is perfect for those who wish to personalize their in-game experience and stand out in the world. Here's everything you need to know about how to use the Wardrobe System in the game.


To use the Wardrobe System, you'll need the following items:

  1. Scroll of Modelchange

  2. Wardrobe Token

  3. Model (The appearance you want to apply)

Obtaining the Items

  • Wardrobe Token: Can be acquired from other players or purchased from the Vote Shop for 1000 Vote points.

  • Scroll of Modelchange: Available for purchase at the Entropia Chip NPC for 1000 Entropia Chips.

How to Use the Wardrobe System

Follow these steps to change the appearance of your item:

  1. Activate the Wardrobe Token: This item will appear in your Powerup bar once activated.

  2. Open the Scroll of Modelchange: Prepare to select your items.

  3. Choose the Primary Item: This is the weapon or item you wish to keep and use.

  4. Select the Sacrificial Item: This is the model whose appearance will be applied to your primary item but will disappear in the process.

  5. Confirmation: Click the "OK" button to confirm your choices.

After these steps, the model's appearance will be stored in your Wardrobe, and you can apply it to your item without needing the original model item again.

Reverting Changes

If you decide that you want to revert your item to its original appearance, you can do so using a Modelchange Recovery Scroll, which is available at the Entropia Chip NPC for 500 Entropia Chips. Please note that the items used in the process won't be refunded. Please note that an item will not be restored as an item if you saved it in your wardrobe, it will just be removed if you apply this Scroll on a Item with a Wardrobe Model Skin. Restoration is only possible if a Modelchange was performed without a Wardrobe Token.

Additional Notes

  • Pet Models: The system also supports changes for pets, but you'll need specific scrolls for pets, which can be purchased at Wafor. However, Stat Pet Skins cannot be modified through the Wardrobe System due to coding limitations.

  • No Refunds: Remember, once you use your items in the Wardrobe System, they cannot be refunded. Plan your customizations carefully.


The Wardrobe System offers a fantastic way to customize your gaming experience, allowing for a unique personal touch to your character and gear. Whether you're looking to stand out from the crowd or simply enjoy the aesthetics of different models without sacrificing functionality, this system has something to offer. Just remember to gather the necessary items and follow the steps carefully to ensure a successful customization. Happy customizing!

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