Effect: Increased Def+10%, Increased HP+15%

Effect: Increased Attack+7%, PvE Damage+8%

Effect: Melee Blockrate +10%, Ranged Blockrate +10%

Effect: Critical Chance+25%, Critical Damage+15%

Effect: Increased DEF+15%

Effect: Increased HP+16%

Effect: Increased Attack+12%

Effect: PvE Damage+12%

Effect: Critical Damage+22%

Effect: STR+35

Effect: STA+35

Effect: DEX+35

Effect: INT+35

Effect: Increased DEF+23%

Effect: Increased HP+23%

Effect: Increased Attack +17%

Effect: PvE Damage+17%

Effect: Critical Damage+33%

Effect: STR+50

Effect: STA+50

Effect: DEX+50

Effect: INT+50

Effect: Penya Rate+10%, PvE Damage+3% - Can be obtained at the Battleground Siege

Effect: Penya Rate+15%, PvE Damage+4%

- Can be obtained at the Battleground Siege

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