Soulreaver Bonus Upgrade Scroll (Equipment/Weapon)

The Soulreaver Bonus Upgrade Scroll for both equipment and weapons introduces a nuanced approach to enhancing your gear within the game. Unlike the Black Shiny Bonus Upgrade Scrolls, these scrolls specifically target the unique bonuses of Soulreaver items, offering players a tailored method to boost their gear's effectiveness. This guide will explain the process of using the Soulreaver Bonus Upgrade Scrolls, highlighting the key differences and steps involved in upgrading your Soulreaver items.


Soulreaver Bonus Upgrade Scrolls are designed to enhance the bonuses on Soulreaver items, which are typically more potent and require a specific approach to upgrade. The process involves merging and unmerged items, with a focus on matching the stats for a successful upgrade.

Key Differences

  • Target Items: These scrolls are exclusively used for Soulreaver items, which must have undergone a merging process to be eligible for an upgrade.

  • Stat Requirements: The item used to enhance the merged Soulreaver item must be unmerged and possess equivalent stats to ensure compatibility.

Upgrading Process

  1. Prepare Your Soulreaver Item: Identify the Soulreaver item (either equipment or weapon) that you wish to upgrade. This item must have already been merged to qualify for the upgrade process.

  2. Select an Unmerged Item: Find an unmerged Soulreaver item with the desired higher bonus stats. This item will be used to upgrade the bonuses on your merged Soulreaver item.

  3. Initiate the Upgrade: Activate the Soulreaver Bonus Upgrade Scroll by double-clicking on it. In the upgrade window, place the unmerged item with the higher bonus on the left side and the merged Soulreaver item on the right side.

  4. Complete the Upgrade: Proceed with the upgrade by clicking the arrow in the middle of the upgrade window. The unmerged item on the left will be consumed in the process, transferring its higher stats to the merged item on the right.

Important Considerations

  • Item Destruction: The unmerged Soulreaver item placed on the left side of the upgrade window will be destroyed. Ensure you are willing to sacrifice this item for the sake of enhancing your merged Soulreaver item.

  • Stat Matching: It's crucial that the unmerged item used for the upgrade has equivalent or higher stats than the merged item to ensure a successful upgrade.

  • Upgrade Limitations: While it is possible to upgrade both the black bonus and the Soulreaver bonus, the process requires an unmerged Soulreaver item with the appropriate stats for each bonus you wish to enhance.

Please take note: The item on the left-hand side shall be rendered inoperable during the upgrade process.

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