The Modelchange System in the game allows players to alter the appearance of their items or pets, tailoring their in-game experience to their personal aesthetic preferences. This system provides a way to change how an item or pet looks without affecting its stats or functionalities. It's important to note, however, that changes made through this system are permanent unless specific recovery actions are taken. For those looking to make reversible changes or save models for future use, a Wardrobe Token is required, which is detailed in our Wardrobe System Guide.


To utilize the Modelchange System, you will need:

  1. Scroll of Modelchange: This scroll initiates the model change process.

Obtaining the Scroll

  • Scroll of Modelchange: This can be acquired at the Entropia Chip NPC for 1000 Entropia Chips.

How to Use the Modelchange System

To change the appearance of your item or pet, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Scroll of Modelchange: This prepares the system for your model change.

  2. Select the Primary Item: Identify the weapon, item, or pet whose functionality you wish to retain. Its stats will remain untouched.

  3. Choose the Sacrificial Item: Select the model whose appearance you want to apply to your primary item. Note that the sacrificial item will be permanently removed from your inventory after the process.

  4. Confirmation: Click the "OK" button to finalize your choice and complete the model change.

Once these steps are completed, your primary item or pet will adopt the new appearance, and the sacrificial item will no longer be available.

Reverting Changes

To revert changes made through the Modelchange System, a Modelchange Recovery Scroll is necessary. However, it's crucial to understand that this scroll does not restore the sacrificial item used in the model change process. Instead, it reverts the appearance of the primary item to its original state.

  • Modelchange Recovery Scroll: Purchaseable at the Entropia Chip NPC for 500 Entropia Chips.

Restore Items from a Model Change

Items that were not modeled in the Wardrobe can be restored to their original form by purchasing the "Scroll of Model Recovery" from the Vote Shop, which you can find in the Premium Shop, for 2,000 Vote Points and applying it to the item you wish to revert back to its pre-modeled state.

Important Considerations

  • Permanent Changes: The Modelchange System does not save the original model for later use. To revert to the original appearance, the Modelchange Recovery Scroll is required. However, this scroll will not restore the sacrificial item to your inventory.

  • Wardrobe Token: If you wish to save the model permanently for future use, a Wardrobe Token is necessary. This option provides more flexibility by allowing changes to be reversible. For more information on how to use a Wardrobe Token, refer to our Wardrobe System Guide [here](Ensert URL).

  • No Refunds: Be aware that items used in the Modelchange System, including the sacrificial item and scrolls, are not refundable. Ensure you are certain of your decisions before proceeding with the model change.


The Modelchange System offers players a unique way to customize their gaming experience by altering the appearance of their gear or pets. While it provides a means to personalize your in-game look, it's essential to plan carefully due to the permanence of these changes. For those seeking more flexibility, the Wardrobe System, accessible with a Wardrobe Token, might be a more suitable option.

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