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Overview of the Redesigned Diamond System

The Diamond System in Entropia has been revamped, introducing an exciting and dynamic new element to the gameplay. This system rewards players with a variety of diamonds for defeating Boss Monsters, each possessing unique effects and varying levels of rarity. As players engage in these epic battles, they have the opportunity to collect diamonds that can significantly enhance their gameplay experience. Here's what you need to know about the new Diamond System:

Obtaining Diamonds

  • Defeating Boss Monsters: Diamonds are now a reward for overcoming the challenges posed by Boss Monsters. Each boss has the potential to drop diamonds, with the rarity and level of the diamond correlating to the difficulty of the boss.

  • Variety of Effects: Diamonds come with a range of effects, from boosting your character's stats to providing unique abilities. These effects become more potent as the level of the diamond increases.

  • Levels of Diamonds: The system introduces diamonds ranging from Level 1 to Level 13. Higher-level diamonds are rarer and offer more substantial enhancements, making them a coveted item among players.

Impact on the Game

  • Pricing and Rarity: Each diamond has its own market value within the Entropia Market, influenced by its level and effect. This creates a vibrant economy around the acquisition and trade of diamonds, adding a new layer of strategy to the game.

  • Gameplay Depth: The introduction of diamonds adds a new dimension to gameplay. Players must strategize not only how to defeat Boss Monsters but also how to best utilize their diamonds to enhance their characters.

  • Collectibility: With diamonds ranging across 13 levels, collecting and upgrading diamonds adds an engaging collectible aspect to the game. Players can strive to obtain the rarest and most powerful diamonds, adding long-term goals and achievements.

Getting Started with Diamonds

  1. Hunt Boss Monsters: Focus your efforts on defeating Boss Monsters to start collecting diamonds. Each boss presents a unique challenge and the potential for rewarding drops.

  2. Strategize Your Upgrades: Consider the effects of each diamond and how they can complement your playstyle. Upgrading to higher-level diamonds can significantly boost your performance in various aspects of the game.

  3. Engage with the Market: Keep an eye on the Entropia Market to understand the value of different diamonds. Trading with other players can be a key strategy in acquiring the diamonds that best suit your needs.

The redesigned Diamond System introduces a thrilling layer of strategy and reward to Entropia, encouraging players to engage in epic battles, strategize their character development, and participate in a dynamic economy. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, the hunt for the most powerful diamonds offers a compelling challenge that can enhance your overall gaming experience.

Infinity Diamonds - Lv. 13

Once you have gathered all the necessary diamonds, head to [Infinity] Athene to exchange them for your Infinity Diamond of PVE Level 13. You can find Athene in two locations:

  • Near the Post Box in Flaris: A convenient location for many players, especially those who frequent the central areas of Flaris for their in-game activities.

  • In front of the Heaven Dungeon: An alternative location for those who might be engaging in activities or quests near the dungeon.

The Significance of the Infinity Diamond of PVE Level 13

Crafting an Infinity Diamond of PVE Level 13 is no small feat. It requires not only the accumulation of high-level diamonds but also a strategic approach to obtaining these precious gems. The Infinity Diamond significantly boosts a player's abilities in PVE scenarios, making it a game-changer for tackling challenging content.

Tips for Crafting the Infinity Diamond

  • Plan Your Farming: Focus on activities and boss fights that yield the necessary diamonds for the upgrade. Prioritize your efforts based on the rarity and level of diamonds you need most.

  • Engage in Trading: Sometimes, direct farming might not yield all the diamonds you need in a timely manner. Don't hesitate to engage with the community to trade for the specific diamonds required for your Infinity Diamond.

  • Stay Persistent: The path to crafting an Infinity Diamond of PVE Level 13 is challenging and may take time. Stay focused on your goal, and remember that the power boost from this diamond is well worth the effort.

Crafting the Infinity Diamond of PVE Level 13 is a milestone achievement in any player's journey, offering unmatched enhancements to your PVE capabilities. With the right strategy and persistence, you can wield the power of this ultimate diamond to dominate your PVE encounters.

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