Royal Reroll

The new Royal Weapons & Set Parts have the potential to drop with up to three bonus values, two normal ones and one special bonus, which offers higher values. All bonus values in the new system are tailored to each job class. It's worth noting that a Slayer, for instance, cannot get an INT bonus on their helmet.

In Cardia, players can re-roll the bonus values of their royal items, but it comes at a cost. To do so, players need different materials from the Endgame dungeons (Destruction Cavern and Azmore Forest) or reroll chests that can be obtained from NPCs with a certain currency. For each item, players have 10 reroll attempts, which can be refilled using a scroll. However, it's only possible to re-roll the special bonus if there is already a special bonus on the item. Players can obtain the special bonus either by dropping it or by using the "All Lines Roll" function.

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