Infinity Crystal Reset Card

The Infinity Crystal Reset Card is a crucial tool for players looking to optimize their character's performance by fine-tuning the attributes assigned through the Infinity Grid. This guide will delve into the functionality of the Infinity Crystal Reset Card, explaining how it works and the best practices for using it to enhance your gameplay experience.


The Infinity Grid is a system that allows players to allocate Infinity Points to unlock various attributes, enhancing their character's abilities. Over time, as players' strategies or preferences evolve, the initial distribution of points may no longer align with their current needs. The Infinity Crystal Reset Card addresses this issue by providing a means to reset the grid and reallocate points according to new strategies or goals.

Key Features

  • Point Restoration: Resets the Infinity Grid, allowing players to regain 100% of the Infinity Points previously used, enabling a complete reallocation of points.

  • Flexibility: Can be used multiple times on the same character, offering continuous adaptability in character development.

  • Infinity Stones: It's important to note that while the card resets Infinity Points, any Infinity Stones used in the grid remain unaffected and will not be returned.

How to Use the Infinity Crystal Reset Card

  1. Evaluate Your Needs: Before using the reset card, assess your current character build and determine how reallocating your Infinity Points could better serve your gameplay strategy.

  2. Activate the Card: Use the Infinity Crystal Reset Card by selecting it from your inventory. Confirm your intention to reset the Infinity Grid when prompted.

  3. Redistribute Points: After the reset, you will have all your previously allocated Infinity Points returned to you. Carefully plan and redistribute these points to enhance your character's attributes in line with your current gameplay strategy.

Best Practices

  • Strategic Planning: Use the reset opportunity to address any shortcomings in your character's build or to adapt to new strategies. Consider consulting guides or experienced players to optimize your point allocation.

  • Regular Review: As you progress through the game and unlock new abilities or change your play style, regularly review your Infinity Grid allocation to ensure it remains aligned with your goals.

  • Complementary Tools: Combine the use of the Infinity Crystal Reset Card with other in-game tools and resources to maximize your character's potential. This holistic approach to character development can significantly impact your success in the game.

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