Rhisis Trail

Rhisis Trail is a dungeon that is primarily aimed at midgame players, but it remains a valuable resource for endgame players as well. This dungeon offers players access to powerful Scroll of Holys and Remantis Laccotten, both of which can be extremely useful in combat.

To successfully navigate Rhisis Trail, players will need to have at least 800.000 HP and a solid damage output. The use of a Black Set is highly recommended to ensure a smoother journey through the dungeon.

While the small monsters found in Rhisis Trail may not provide players with significant benefits, defeating the Vorbosses and the final boss is essential for acquiring valuable Mystical Card Piece Boxes. These boxes contain R Card Pieces and 12% Card Pieces, which can be used to create R and 12% Cards by exchanging them with [Card Manager] Jane.

These R and 12% Cards can be used to create even more powerful Z and 15% Cards, making Rhisis Trail a critical resource for players seeking to enhance their abilities and strengthen their characters.

Overall, Rhisis Trail offers a challenging and rewarding experience for players looking to acquire rare and powerful items. Its powerful bosses and valuable drops make it an essential dungeon for midgame players, and its unique items and resources can help endgame players gain an edge in their adventures.

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