Ankou's Asylum

Just like Kalgas, this dungeon is also one of the beginner dungeons. In Behemoth's Hunting Grounds, you'll obtain your first set parts and weapons, specifically the Behemoth weapons. Later on, every class will switch these weapons to stronger ones except for the Templar, who will keep the shield but switch the weapon.

Similar to Kalgas Cave, you only need 500.000 HP and dealing low damage is acceptable. You will also obtain coins from killing monsters which can be exchanged for weapons from the NPC located outside the dungeon, or with some luck, dropped by the end boss.

As a beginner dungeon, Behemoth's Hunting Grounds is an excellent place to start building up your character's gear and weapons. So gear up and head into the fray to earn those valuable set parts and weapons!

You can see the map of Ankou's Asylum here.

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