Best way to get into the game

Leveling - Part 1

Leveling Guide to 175

Once youโ€™ve achieved level 175, itโ€™s time to gear up for the next phase. The Platinum Leveling. Grab some EXP Items to make this process faster!

Leveling - Part 2

  • Now start leveling Platinum Levels and try to buy a Shiny Equipment for your class, you can get them at a playershop after you reached a bit of money

  • After you bought a Shiny Equipment, level to Platinum Level 40, with every Platinum Level you get 2+ Entropia Chip Perins

  • Get yourself a weapon of your choice after you reached 100 Entropia Chip Perins - (Chip-NPC Charly, North Flaris)

First Equipment Steps

After you reached Platinum Level 40, get yourself a effected Fashion Set/Cloak and Mask (Vengeful Set/Glorious Dragon Cloak - (Chip-NPC Wafor, North Flaris or donateable)

First Upgrading

Do some basic stuff at your equipment, like awakenings, element or piercings.

Second Equipment Steps

Farm a Black Fashion Set/Cloak in Eden (You get there by using V = Teleporter)

Eden & First Dungeons

Next to farming Eden it will be useful to farm low dungeons like Aminus, Cursed Aminus, Behemoth or Kalgas, they will be needed later, because you need them to upgrade your jewelry set, which you get at Platinum Level 40

Leveling - Part 3

Next step is to level to Platinum Level 50, unless you didn't do it yet


Get yourself a Holy Magical Key of Monsters and a Unicorn CS-Pet in Venux

First Jewelry Set & Fairy

  • your jewelry set. You can acquire the necessary Recipes from Peach in Flaris, but low dungeon drops will be required to complete the upgrade process

  • Get yourself a Fairy

Second Upgrading

Upgrade your weapon and set, get S cards, it is very useful to put PvE Diamonds in your weapon

Ancient Equipment

Now the grind will start, Ruboru sells a bunch of useful recipes, like a Ancient Glyph, Ancient Balloon or a Ancient Power-Up

Second Jewelry Set

Upgrade your jewelry set again, the next step are aura jewelrys, you can farm them in Aurania

The Next BIG Step

The next step is to get to the next gearstage, the Black Equipment, it is farmable in Kebaria and Aurania

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