👕Gaia Set Extension

Introducing a brand-new Fashion set for each class, serving as an extension to the existing black Fashion Sets. These new sets can be acquired in Eden by upgrading your Dragon Fashion Set obtained from the Entropia Chip NPC with chips obtained through Platinum Leveling, normal farming, or by exchanging with other players.

This set can be farmed in the Gaia Forest.

Gaia Fashion Upgrade in Flaris

If you're looking to upgrade your fashion in Flaris, make sure to visit Aoife, located near the post office. Aoife is the key NPC for the Gaia Fashion Upgrade feature. She provides an Exchange List that showcases the necessary items for upgrading your Black Dragon Fashion to Gaia. Each item listed includes a description detailing where it can be acquired, making it easier for you to gather all the required components for your fashion upgrade.

Note: You need the Gaia Fashion to create your Ultimate Fashion.

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