Mystic Valley

Mystic Valley is one of the four jewelry dungeons in Aurania. To successfully complete this dungeon, you will need to have 900.000 HP, and a shiny damage is sufficient to overcome the challenges. For beginners, it is recommended to have a tank and a 1o1 class for the bosses.

In this dungeon, you can obtain everything you need to upgrade your jewelry set to an Aura jewelry set. Specifically, in Mystic Valley, you can acquire all the items required for the Emerald jewelry set (DEX). These items can be used to create and upgrade your jewelry, providing you with significant boosts to your character's stats.

Mystic Valley can be challenging, but it is a great place to grind for jewelry materials, especially if you are aiming to create or upgrade your Aura jewelry set. Additionally, the dungeon provides a chance to earn valuable rewards, including rare items and coins that can be used to purchase other items.

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