The Premium Feature in the game is designed to enhance the player experience by providing a suite of exclusive benefits. These perks not only make the game more enjoyable but also offer a competitive edge through various boosts and access to unique content. Here's a detailed look at what the Premium membership entails and the advantages it brings.

Premium Membership Benefits

Upon activating a Premium subscription with options ranging from 1 day up to 30 days, players unlock the following benefits:

  • Golden Character Name: Your character's name will appear in a distinguished golden color, making you stand out in the game world.

  • Increased EXP and Drop Rates: Enjoy a significant 50% increase in both experience points and item/gold drop rates, accelerating your leveling and loot accumulation.

  • Reduced Dungeon Cooldowns: The waiting time between dungeon runs is halved, allowing for more frequent dungeon exploration.

  • Additional Dungeon Entries: Gain extra entries to certain dungeons, providing more opportunities for loot and experience.

  • Exclusive Dungeon Access: Premium members can enter a special Premium Dungeon, designed specifically for them.

  • Enhanced Weapon Effects: Weapons wielded by Premium members will display slightly enhanced effects, adding to the visual appeal.

  • Cost-Effective Awakenings: The cost for item awakenings is reduced, making it cheaper to enhance your gear.

  • Early Access to Features: Certain game features, such as the Bloodhunter and a special pet, become accessible from platinum level 0, bypassing the usual level requirements.

Premium Dungeon

  • Daily Access: With an active Premium membership, players can enter the Premium Dungeon once per day.

  • Exclusive Rewards: The dungeon offers unique loot, including Premium Coins and Gaia Ore, which can be exchanged for valuable items such as Fashion Sets, Pets, and high-quality gear.

  • Location: The Premium Dungeon Exchanger, located right in front of the dungeon entrance, facilitates the exchange of dungeon rewards for exclusive items.

  • You can find the Premium Dungeon via. our Teleport Window Ingame (Hotkey: V)

How to Activate Premium

To activate the Premium membership, players must purchase a Premium subscription or package through the in-game store or other designated platforms. Once activated, all benefits are immediately available for the duration of the subscription.

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