Awake Transfer Card

The Awake Transfer Card is a valuable asset in the game, enabling players to transfer awakenings (awakes) from one item to another. This feature provides a level of flexibility and customization previously unattainable, allowing for strategic enhancements to a player's gear. This guide will delve into the specifics of how to use the Awake Transfer Card effectively.


Awakenings, or "awakes," are special enhancements that provide various bonuses to equipment. The Awake Transfer Card revolutionizes gear customization by allowing these bonuses to be transferred between items, offering players the opportunity to optimize their equipment setup according to their strategic needs.

Key Features

  • Cross-Class Transferability: Awakes can be transferred between items of any class, such as from one suit to another or between different types of weapons.

  • Fusion Transfer: If the original item has a fusion, this fusion (along with its awake) will be transferred to the new item.

  • Fusion Awake Limitation: When transferring an awake between items of different types (e.g., from a bow to an axe), be aware that the fusion awake will not carry over and will disappear.

How to Use the Awake Transfer Card

  1. Select Your Items: Identify the item with the desired awake you wish to transfer and the target item to receive the awake. Remember, the transfer can occur between any types of items.

  2. Prepare for Transfer: Ensure that both the source item (the one with the awake you wish to transfer) and the target item (the one to receive the awake) are correctly selected and ready for the process.

  3. Initiate the Transfer: Activate the Awake Transfer Card by double-clicking on it. Follow the on-screen instructions to select the source item and the target item for the awake transfer.

  4. Complete the Transfer: Confirm the transfer. The awake (and any associated fusion) from the source item will now be transferred to the target item. If transferring between different item types, remember that the fusion awake will not be transferred and will be lost.

Important Considerations

  • Strategic Use: Given the potential loss of fusion awakes when transferring between different item types, it's crucial to plan your awake transfers strategically. Consider the benefits of the awake versus the potential loss of fusion bonuses.

  • Optimization: Use the Awake Transfer Card to optimize your gear for specific gameplay strategies or to enhance the overall performance of your character.

It's important to remember that the item on the left side of the transfer will be destroyed in the process.

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