Self Sustain Tank

A Self Sustain Tank is a class that is capable of absorbing large amounts of damage while also healing themselves due to their high survivability. To build such a tank, it is important to focus on the right equipment, abilities, and attributes.
Firstly, the tank needs to have high endurance to withstand as much damage as possible. Therefore, all attributes that increase endurance should be maximized. It is also important for the tank to have enough strength to occasionally deal damage and draw the opponent's attention. Thus, the character's strength should also be increased.
In terms of equipment, it is crucial for the tank to have high defense to absorb damage. A good armor and shield are essential for this. It is also important for the tank to have a weapon that supports their self-healing abilities. A weapon with life-regeneration stats or one that enables healing is a good choice.
Finally, optimizing the tank's abilities is essential to increase their survivability. Abilities that reduce damage or heal are particularly important here. Some abilities that improve the tank's health can also be useful. It is also important to prepare the tank for the use of potions and buffs to quickly respond to difficult battles.
In summary, building a Self Sustain Tank requires a strong combination of endurance, defense, strength, self-healing, and tactical gameplay. With the right equipment, abilities, and strategy, a Self Sustain Tank can be a valuable addition to any group.