ðŸŽĄDaily Roulette

The Daily Roulette System is an exciting feature that rewards players with fantastic items simply for participating. Here's a brief overview of how it works and what you can expect as you progress in the game.

How It Works

  • Daily Spins: Every player is entitled to spin the Roulette Wheel once per day for each character they have. This daily spin is a chance to win a variety of items for free, ranging from consumables to rare equipment.

  • Progressive Wheels: As your character advances in Platinum Levels, the Roulette Wheel evolves, offering better rewards. The items available on the Daily Roulette change every 5 to 10 Platinum Levels, ensuring that the rewards remain relevant and exciting as you progress.

Key Milestones

  • Post-Level 75: Upon reaching Platinum Level 75, players unlock a new Roulette Wheel that features very good items, significantly enhancing the potential rewards from daily spins.

  • Level 100: The ultimate Roulette Wheel becomes available at Platinum Level 100. This wheel is designed to offer awesome items, providing substantial benefits to players who have reached this impressive milestone.


The Daily Roulette System is a fantastic way for players to receive free items and rewards simply by logging in and participating each day. As you progress through the game and reach new Platinum Levels, the rewards from the Roulette Wheel become increasingly valuable, offering a significant boost to your gameplay experience. Make sure to take advantage of your daily spin to maximize your rewards!

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