Two Handed Weapon Fusion

In the first box, you should place the weapon that you want to keep and fuse with another weapon.

In the second box, you should place the weapon that you will sacrifice for the fusion to gain awakenings and piercings. The attack boost can only be added if the weapon is at least +10 to +20.

The third box is for an Entropia Chip item called the "Magic Grindstone." If you don't want to take the risk of sacrificing the second weapon which will be destroyed if the fusion fails, you can use this item. It ensures that the second weapon is not destroyed and can be used again for a new try!

Note that you can fuse all 2-handed weapons, but Entropia Weapons can only be fused with other Entropia Weapons. (For example, Shiny Stick (Main) can be fused with Entropia Stick (Fusion).)

Once you proceed, two things can happen:

  1. Failure: the weapon is destroyed (except when you use the Magic Grindstone).

  2. Success!

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