ðŸŽēSpirit Dice

The Spirit Dice System introduces a novel approach to enhancing your character's growth in PvE by repurposing armor equipment with low bonus values. This system is currently applicable only to armor pieces (Hat, Suit, Gauntlets, Boots) from the Shiny, Black , and Soulreaver sets that have bonus values. Here's how you can leverage this system to boost your character's PvE capabilities.

Creating a Spirit Dice

  1. Accessing the System: Navigate to Start -> Features -> Spirit Dice to open the Spirit Dice creation window.

  2. Placing Items: Insert one or two items with bonus values into the window. The system will display the chance of successfully creating a Spirit Dice based on the items' bonus values.

Chance Calculation

  • Maximum Bonus Values: Items with the highest possible bonus values (e.g., STR+50) provide a base chance of 35% for one item and 60% for two items.

  • Lower Bonus Values: Items with lower bonus values will have their chance automatically calculated and assigned by the server. For example, an item with STR+25 might have a 15% chance, and two such items would double the chance to 30%.

Important: Once an item is converted into a Spirit Dice, it cannot be restored.

Using Spirit Dice

Spirit Dice are used to grant additional status values to your character, enhancing your PvE performance. Here's what you need to know:

  • PvE Enhancement: The additional status values from Spirit Dice are effective only in PvE environments. In PvP areas (with the exception of Venux), these stats do not contribute to your damage.

  • Status Value Increase: Each successful use of a Spirit Dice can increase a status value (STR, STA, DEX, INT) by +1, with a 35% chance of success per dice.

  • Stat Cap: Initially, status values can be increased up to +75 using standard Spirit Dice.

Viewing Stats

  • To view the stats gained from Spirit Dice, press "H" to open the Character Info window.

Royal Spirit Dice

For those looking to push beyond the initial cap, the Royal Spirit Dice system extends the maximum status value increase to +125.

  • Obtaining Royal Spirit Dice: These can be acquired through Dungeon Drops, the Exchanger in Cardia, and the Daily Roulette.

  • Usage Strategy: It's recommended to use normal Spirit Dice to reach the initial cap of 75 before starting to use Royal Spirit Dice for further enhancements.


The Spirit Dice System offers a strategic way to utilize armor pieces with less desirable bonus values, turning them into valuable assets for strengthening your character in PvE. By carefully selecting items for conversion and strategically using Spirit Dice, players can significantly enhance their character's performance over time. Remember, this system is designed for long-term progression, providing a rewarding experience as you continue to develop your character's capabilities.

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