What comes after level 175?

Platin Level

Once you have achieved level 175 with 99.99% proficiency, it is advisable to utilize Platinum Scrolls to upgrade your Platinum rank. There exist three distinct variations of Platinum Scrolls:

  • Scroll of Platinum Level-Up (1-40)

  • Scroll of Platinum Level-Up (41-50)

  • Scroll of Platinum Level-Up (51+)

The appropriate scroll will be required based on your current Platinum Level. You can locate all Scrolls at Flaris in close proximity to "[Arena Manager] Lay", or through the "Start > Features > Platinum Exchanger" menu.

Leveling Route (Platin 1-50)

  • P1 - P5: Tower B1 - B5

  • P6 - P14: Coral Island

  • P15 - P22: Azria

  • P23 - P28: Traseia

  • P29 - P34: Dark Traseia

  • P35 - P40: Entropia Forest

  • P41 - P45: Entropia Harbor

  • P46 - P50: Entropia Jungle

Platin Level Rewards

These Platinum Rewards provide you with useful items to improve your character, such as jewelry, required pets, or Entropia Chips. You can exchange these chips for weapons or other useful items in Flarine at the Entropia Chip-NPC near the Guild Siege NPCs.

PlatinlevelEntropia Chip Rewards (per Level)


3 Entropia Chip Perin


5 Entropia Chip Perin


7 Entropia Chip Perin


10 Entropia Chip Perin


10 Entropia Chip Perin


15 Entropia Chip Perin


20 Entropia Chip Perin


25 Entropia Chip Perin

PlatinlevelSpecial Rewards


ā€¢ Entropia Platin Jewelry

ā€¢ 1x 3 Days Premium

ā€¢ 1x Box of Upgrade (Event)


ā€¢ Bloodhunter Stat-Pet (+150 All-Stats)

ā€¢ 1x Premium 3 Days

ā€¢ 1x Box of Upgrade (Event)


ā€¢ Shiny Entropia Platin Jewelry

ā€¢ 1x Box of Upgrade (Event)


ā€¢ Platinum Pet Giftbox (+250 All-Stats) ā€¢ 1x Box of Upgrade (Event) ā€¢ 2x 3 Days Premium ā€¢ Ring of Wonders (Job Change Item)


ā€¢ 2x Platin Reward Box (50+) ā€¢ 5x Platin Reward Box (50+) (every 10. level)

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