Launcher Error

If you encounter an error message when using the patcher, first ensure that our web server is online. To do this, visit and make sure a connection is established. Otherwise, patching cannot occur.

There may occasionally be technical failures or attacks on our website, rendering it temporarily inaccessible.

If you were previously in the game and the web server is now offline, you can launch the game using the 'start.bat' file located in the Entropia folder.

If you have recently downloaded the game and have not yet patched it, unfortunately, you will need to wait until our website is accessible again.

My Launcher / Patcher gets an error message when I try to start it, what should I do?

Please ensure that you have installed the two drivers mentioned below and that you have the latest version of our Entropia client installed. If you last played the game a few months or years ago, it is recommended that you download the latest client version.

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