What should I do after i reached Royal Level 6?

What do I do after hitting Royal Level 6 or using the Level Boost Token?

Your journey through Cardia begins now, a vast world within Entropia Flyff. Your primary goal should be reaching Royal Level 10. You can find out how you reach that level a bit below. Once you've achieved Royal Level 10, prepare yourself for the challenging dungeons of Azmore Forest and Destruction Forest to obtain your first set of Royal Equipment.

If you've used the Level Boost Token, remember that your temporary equipment will expire, so it's essential to acquire permanent Royal Equipment by farming it step by step or purchase some from other Players for your Job Class.

For more detailed guidance on what to do after reaching Royal Level 10: Click Here!

Is there anything specific I should know after using the Level Boost Token?

Ensure to perform basic upgrades to your equipment, including awakening your gear with the scrolls found in your inventory, enhancing your equipment by piecing it together and injecting cards and diamonds, adding elements to your weapons, furnishing your equipment, injecting beads into your pets, and awakening fashion items, among other things.

How do I reach Royal Level 10? Are there specific monsters to kill for leveling up?

No, you won't level up by defeating monsters. Instead, you'll progress from Royal Level 6 to 10 by completing quests in Cardia. You'll need to complete all quests given by the following NPCs to reach Royal Level 10:

  • [Quest] Lilly - Located near the sea in Cardia Harbor *If you have issues to find this Quest Items by using the Quest Description, you can Spoiler yourself here with the Location Spots: Click Here! :)

  • [Hunt Quest] Gavin - Found next to the Cardia Harbor spawn point

  • [Mineralogist] Rowan - Located near the windmill in Cardia Harbor

  • [Plant Expert] Eugene - Positioned in the middle of Cardia Harbor

  • [Story Quest] Aldwin - Situated on the left side of Cardia close to Cardia Harbor

  • [Quest] Zuah - Located in front of the Cardia Cave

  • [Quest] Bharc - Inside the Cardia Cave

Additionally, complete the following daily quests once:

  • [Daily Quest] Raimond the Fearless

  • [Daily Quest] Lord Pang

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