The Harlequin is known to have the second highest 1v1 damage output. Similar to the Slayer, the Harlequin lacks good AoE damage and a support kit, but they do not have as low HP as the Slayer. This makes them a decent option for soloing low-tier dungeons, as they have enough HP to withstand enemy attacks while dealing high damage output.

However, just like the Slayer, the Harlequin has little farming potential due to their focus on single target damage. They are not as efficient at clearing out large groups of enemies quickly, which can make it difficult to farm resources and complete quests.

Because of their slightly higher HP compared to the Slayer, the Harlequin is able to maintain good survivability while dealing a high amount of damage in 1v1 combat. However, their damage output is slightly lower than that of the Slayer, which is a tradeoff for their improved survivability.

Overall, the Harlequin is a strong option for players who enjoy dealing high amounts of single target damage and have a preference for solo content. Their ability to survive in combat, combined with their high damage output, makes them a good choice for taking on bosses and other powerful enemies. However, in group content where support and AoE damage are important, the Harlequin may not be the best fit.

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