🌟Element & Weapon Glowchange

We are delighted to inform you that we have made significant improvements to our element change system. As a result, you can now change your element from anywhere with ease!

To switch your element, you will need to have your weapon/armor equipped with the first element plus 20. Non-Element cards are available for purchase in the Shop from Peach (Flarine). To access the element change window, kindly navigate to Start > Features > Element Change or simply press CTRL + E.

The updated system now enables us to set both elements for the weapon and armor. Additionally, you can reset your element to Non-Element by clicking on the reset button. Please note that you must have 200 Entropia Chips in your inventory to change your element. Note: The element of a weapon does not have a negative or positive impact on the damage dealt. It is simply a stylistic feature.

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