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The Power-Up Macro System is an innovative feature designed to enhance your gaming experience by simplifying the activation of power-ups. This system is a game-changer for players looking to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness in various game scenarios, from intense PvP battles to challenging boss fights. Here's everything you need to know about utilizing this powerful tool.


The Power-Up Macro System provides you with eight customizable macros, each capable of holding up to 35 different power-ups. This flexibility allows you to tailor your power-up combinations to suit your specific needs, ensuring you can quickly adapt to any situation with just one click.

Key Features

  • Eight Customizable Macros: Choose from eight different macros to set up your power-up combinations.

  • Capacity: Each macro can contain up to 35 different power-ups, offering extensive customization options.

  • One-Click Activation: Activate a whole set of power-ups instantly, saving time and streamlining gameplay.

  • Situation-Specific Setups: Create specific macros for different game scenarios, such as PvP or boss battles, for quick adaptation.

How to Use the Power-Up Macro Tool

  1. Accessing the Tool: Navigate to Start -> Features -> Power-Up Macro to open the macro setup window.

  2. Adding Power-Ups: Drag and drop the desired power-ups from your inventory into the macro window. Arrange them in the order that best suits your strategy.

  3. Saving Your Macro: After selecting and organizing your power-ups, click the "SAVE" button to store your macro configuration.

Tips for Effective Macro Use

  • Strategic Configuration: Tailor each macro to specific game scenarios. For example, create separate macros for healing, damage boost, or defense enhancement.

  • Regular Updates: Keep your macros updated with your latest power-ups to ensure maximum effectiveness.

  • Inventory Management: Power-ups that are no longer in your inventory will be highlighted in red within the macro. This makes it easy to identify and replace outdated or used items.


The Power-Up Macro System is an essential tool for any player looking to enhance their gameplay with efficiency and strategic depth. By allowing for the quick activation of multiple power-ups, this system not only saves valuable time but also provides a tactical advantage in various gaming scenarios. Customize your macros, adapt to any challenge, and enjoy the benefits of streamlined power-up activation with just one click.

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