💊Auto Power-Ups

The Auto Power Up System is a convenient feature designed to streamline the gameplay experience by automating the replenishment of your power-ups. This system ensures that your character remains optimized for performance by automatically reactivating your power-ups the moment they expire. Below is a detailed guide on how the system works and how to utilize it effectively.

How the Auto Power Up System Works

  1. Preparation: Gather the power-ups you wish to automate. These can range from buffs that enhance your character's stats to those that provide specific abilities or advantages during gameplay.

  2. Activation: Open the Auto Power Up System interface by following the navigation path: Start > Features > Auto Power Ups.

  3. Setting Up: Within the interface, you'll find a designated window where you can manage your power-ups. To add a power-up to the automation queue, simply drag and drop it into this window.

  4. Customization: Next to each listed power-up in the window, there's a checkbox. By checking these boxes, you activate the auto-replenishment feature for each respective power-up. This means that as soon as a power-up expires, the system will automatically reapply it, ensuring there's no downtime in your character's enhancements.

Tips for Using the Auto Power Up System

  • Prioritize Essential Power-Ups: Given that you might have a variety of power-ups at your disposal, it's wise to prioritize those that are crucial for your character's performance in your gameplay strategy. This ensures your character remains at peak performance where it matters most.

  • Manage Your Inventory: Keep an eye on your inventory of power-ups to ensure that the Auto Power Up System can continue to function without interruption. Running out of essential power-ups could leave your character at a disadvantage at critical moments.

  • Balance Your Power-Ups: While automating, consider the balance of your power-ups. Relying too heavily on one aspect of your character's abilities might leave other areas lacking. A well-rounded approach to power-up automation can provide a more versatile and resilient character.


The Auto Power Up System is a significant quality-of-life feature that allows players to maintain their competitive edge with minimal effort. By automating the replenishment of power-ups, players can focus more on the strategic and enjoyable aspects of gameplay rather than micromanaging their character's buffs. Remember to keep your power-up inventory stocked and prioritize the power-ups that best suit your gameplay style and objectives.

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