ðŸ’ŦRoyal Beads

One can obtain Royal Beads after reaching Royal Level 10 by participating in various activities such as running dungeons, collecting stones and plants, and completing daily quests in Cardia. By engaging in these four activities, players can earn Royal Bead Stones, Rainbow Stones, Eternal Stones, and Cardia Coins.

Using these items, players can create Royal Bead capsules at the [Animal Keeper] Chawi. These capsules contain different types of beads that offer unique benefits and enhancements to players.

The process of obtaining Royal Beads is both challenging and rewarding. Players must work hard and commit to various activities to earn the necessary items to create the capsules. However, the benefits of obtaining and using Royal Beads are significant and can help players gain an edge in battles.

Furthermore, Royal Beads are available in various types, each with its unique set of benefits. These include attack, defense, vitality, critical, dodge, and more. Each type of bead offers specific enhancements to players, allowing them to customize their gameplay and optimize their performance.

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