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The Card Upgrade System is a pivotal feature for players in the later stages of the game, offering a pathway to significantly enhance the capabilities of their cards. This system allows players to transform their existing cards into more powerful versions, thereby augmenting their equipment's effectiveness. Below is a detailed guide on how the Card Upgrade System works, including the process of upgrading cards, the resources required, and where to find the necessary NPCs.


Upgrading cards is a strategic process that involves combining multiple cards of the same type along with specific items called Destruction Prevention Scrolls. This process not only requires a collection of cards but also a financial investment in the form of Perin, the game's currency, and a considerable amount of patience and luck.

Key Components

  • Cards: 10 cards of the same type are required for each upgrade attempt.

  • Destruction Prevention Scrolls: These scrolls are essential to prevent the cards from being destroyed during the upgrade process.

  • Perin: A small amount of this currency is needed for each upgrade attempt.

Obtaining Resources

  • Destruction Prevention Scrolls: These can be a challenge to acquire due to their high demand and cost. Players can exchange 750 Entropia Chips for these scrolls at the Card Manager, making it a crucial step in gathering the necessary resources for upgrading.

  • Entropia Chips: Typically earned through various in-game activities, these chips serve as a valuable currency for obtaining essential items like the Destruction Prevention Scrolls.

How to Upgrade Cards

  1. Locate a Card Manager: Visit Saint City or other designated locations to find a Card Manager NPC.

  2. Prepare Your Cards: Place 10 cards of the same type into the upgrade window provided by the Card Manager.

  3. Add a Destruction Prevention Scroll: Include one of these scrolls to ensure your cards are not destroyed if the upgrade attempt fails.

  4. Pay the Fee: Submit the required amount of Perin to proceed with the upgrade attempt.

Upgrade Path

  • From S-Cards to R-Cards: Combining 10 S-Cards with the necessary resources can potentially upgrade them to 1 R-Card. This principle applies to upgrading 10% cards to 12% cards.

  • From R-Cards to Z-Cards: Similarly, 10 R-Cards can be upgraded to 1 Z-Card, akin to upgrading 12% cards to 15% cards.

Tips for Successful Upgrades

  • Resource Management: Ensure you have enough Entropia Chips and Perin before attempting upgrades. It's crucial to manage these resources wisely to sustain your upgrade efforts.

  • Patience is Key: The upgrade process can be based on chance, so patience and persistence are essential. Not every attempt will be successful, but perseverance can lead to significant improvements in your equipment's power.

  • Strategic Planning: Consider which cards to upgrade based on your current equipment and gameplay needs. Prioritizing upgrades that offer the most immediate benefits can enhance your overall performance in the game.

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