Bonus Transfer Card (Fusion)

The Bonus Transfer Card (Fusion) enhances the capabilities of players to customize their gear by allowing the transfer of fusion bonuses between items of the same type. This specialized version of the Bonus Transfer Card caters specifically to the nuances of fusion bonuses, making it an essential tool for optimizing equipment. Here's what you need to know to utilize this card effectively.


While the basic Bonus Transfer Card facilitates the transfer of bonuses between two items, the Bonus Transfer Card (Fusion) extends this functionality to include fusion bonuses. This means players can now transfer one (for black items) or two (for Soulreaver items) fusion bonuses from one item to a similar item, enhancing the versatility and strategic depth of gear customization.

Key Features

  • Fusion Bonus Transfer: Specifically designed to transfer fusion bonuses between two items of the same type.

  • Compatibility: Works with both black and Soulreaver items, allowing the transfer of one or two fusion bonuses, respectively.

  • Type Restriction: Bonuses can only be transferred between items of the same type (e.g., weapon to weapon, suit to suit).

How to Use the Bonus Transfer Card (Fusion)

  1. Prepare Your Items: Identify the two items you wish to use. Both should be of the same type and either black or Soulreaver items. The item from which the bonus will be transferred should already have the desired bonus as a fusion.

  2. Set Up the Fusion: Before using the card, ensure that the item receiving the bonus has been properly fused. This means placing the item with the desired bonus as a fusion into another item, preparing it for the bonus transfer.

  3. Initiate the Transfer: Activate the Bonus Transfer Card (Fusion) by double-clicking on it. In the transfer window, place the fused item with the bonus on the left side and the item to receive the bonus on the right side.

  4. Complete the Transfer: Confirm the transfer process. The item on the left side, which is the source of the fusion bonus, will be destroyed, and its fusion bonus will be transferred to the item on the right side.

Important Considerations

  • Item Destruction: The source item (placed on the left side) will be consumed and destroyed in the process. This is irreversible, so ensure you are prepared to lose this item.

  • Strategic Planning: Given the permanent nature of this transfer, carefully consider which bonuses to transfer and to which items. The goal is to optimize your gear for your specific needs and gameplay strategy.

Keep in mind that the item on the left side of the transfer will be destroyed in the process.

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