Kalgas Cave

The Kalgas Cave is a dungeon located in the renowned Madrigal world, and serves as an entry-level challenge for beginner players. With only 500.000 HP and moderate damage output, players can easily navigate through the dungeon's challenges and obtain their first powerful set parts from the final boss.

In addition to set parts, players can also obtain Kalgas coins that can be exchanged for individual pieces of sets at the NPC located outside the dungeon. With party buffs and a drop bonus, players can collect up to three quest items for each monster defeated, while the boss drops three runes, each worth 100 coins.

These runes can also prove useful in the later stages of the game, such as in the acquisition of the Omega Cloak and Mask Box. Overall, the Kalgas Cave provides a great opportunity for beginner players to develop their skills and obtain valuable rewards along the way. You can see the map of Kalgas Cave here.

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