🌀Important Power-Ups Guide


To add even more HP and Damage we recommend you buy/farm the ancient power-ups. You’ll have to buy the recipes at the Master of Alchemy Ruboru in Flaris near the post office and then farm the needed materials. There are a couple you’ll want to go for, namely:

  • Ancient Glyph (Farmed in Venux)

  • Ancient Power-Up (Farmed in Venux

  • Ancient Balloon (Farmed in Bahara Desert)

Check the exchange at Laura (Cash Shop NPC) in Flaris for the items to restore the ancient items once you exchange them for their ultimate variants.


These ancient items can later be exchanged for their Ultimate variants, which you can acquire from other players or, if you're fortunate, from the Ultimate Entropia Treasure Chests available in the donate shop. Alternatively, you can exchange premium coins at the Premium Dungeon Exchanger. Ultimate items to aim for include: Ultimate Glyph, Power-Up, Fairy, Spirit Balloon, Aura Wing, Fashion Set, Cloak, and Mask.


Cloak and Mask

  • Location: Visit the Master of Alchemy, Ruboru, in Flaris.

  • Upgrade: Transform your Ultimate Cloak and Mask into the Omega Cloak and Mask.

  • Requirement: Obtain a specific recipe from Ruboru.


  • Location: Look for X NPC near the Void Trees in Cardia.

  • Upgrade: Upgrade your Ultimate Glyph to an Omega Glyph.

Fashion Set

  • Location: Farm in the Pirate Cave dungeon.

  • Upgrade: Evolve your Ultimate Fashion Set into the Omega Fashion Set.

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