Progression after Reaching Royal Level 10

Congratulations on reaching Royal Level 10! Now that you've unlocked this significant milestone in Entropia Flyff, it's time to dive into the exciting content that awaits you. Here's a comprehensive guide on what to do next:

Focus on Farming Older Content

Farm older content items to boost your character's values further. Sacrifice Soulreaver Armor with good bonus values to obtain damage and HP power-ups after Reaching Royal Level 15. It therefore makes sense to farm it even incidentally as you progress gradually through the Royal area. Additionally, unlock the Trance Mode, which can be activated periodically through monster kills and filling your trance/limit bar above your character.

Importance of Old Content Items in Endgame and for New Players

Old content items remain a crucial aspect of gameplay, even in the endgame. These items are necessary for several important activities, such as:

  • Sacrifices: Certain endgame processes require old content items as offerings.

  • Creating Permanent Reroll Effect Stones: These stones streamline the bonus reroll system for "Royal +10" items, significantly aiding in endgame optimization.

New players, especially those who choose not to use boosts and progress through the game at a standard pace, also find value in acquiring these items. Whether for crafting, selling, or specific quests, old content items retain their usefulness across all stages of the game, highlighting their enduring value in both early and late game scenarios.

Obtain Permanent Ultimate and Omega Items

Aim to acquire permanent Ultimate and Omega Fashion Items. Obtain glyphs, fairies, and power-ups by obtaining Entropia Treasures through various activities such as daily quests, dungeon runs, and server events. Here is a guide on how you can obtain those items without purchasing them from other players: Ultimate Items

Acquire Permanent Soulreaver Accessories

Obtain permanent Soulreaver accessories for your class from the Deep Temple Dungeon or other Players and upgrade them to +10 through farming. These accessories can be exchanged for Royal Accessories in the Endgame with Royal Level 15 by gathering the required materials in the Dread Cove Isle Dungeons. Additionally, you will need a replacement for the Boost Accessory, as it is only available for 30 days and you will not receive a new one on that character anymore the Soulreaver Accessorie is the best way to go at that point.

Farm Upgrade Materials

Gather upgrade materials to enhance your permanent Royal equipment. Focus on upgrading your permanent gear and weapons, as the boosted 30-day equipment received as a head start has limited duration.

Farm Infinity Points

Kill monsters to farm Infinity Points and upgrade your Infinity Grid with additional stats. You can even obtain the required stones for upgrading in the Heaven of Madrigal Dungeon, which provides additional stat boosts.


Advance to Royal Level 15 to unlock and experience the lucrative opportunities and enthralling challenges that lie within the Dread Cove Isle Map.

Leveling from Royal Level 10 to 15 in the Amethyst Forest

To efficiently level up from Royal Level 10 to 15, follow these steps in the Amethyst Forest level map, accessible via our teleporter at Royal Level 10.

Collect Royal EXP Items

  • Location: Initially, begin your search in Cardia for Royal EXP items. These items are crucial for augmenting your experience gains.

  • Other Sources: Additionally, consider obtaining Royal EXP Scrolls from other players or purchasing them from the Premium Shop. These scrolls significantly boost your leveling process.

Key Points to Remember

  • The EXP Rate within the Amethyst Forest is notably lower compared to the early game areas. This is due to it being an endgame area, offering a challenging yet rewarding experience. Keep in mind, you do not start in Flaris; this is the endgame content.

  • Persistently farm in the designated area until you reach Royal Level 15.

  • Enhance Your Character with Exclusive Damage, HP and EXP Power-Ups, which are not available in the regular boost packages or are specific to seasonal events or older content. Moreover, take advantage of weekend events to accelerate your level progression efficiently.

Accessing Dread Cove Isle Map

Upon reaching Royal Level 15, you'll gain access to the new Dread Cove Isle Level Map to Royal Level 20. This location is esteemed as the premier Penya farming spot within Entropia Flyff. The Dread Cove Isle Map not only introduces new dungeons to explore but also presents an array of challenges to conquer.

Adventure Pass Quests

Every 3 to 4 months, we offer an Adventure Pass (Battle Pass) in the Premium Shop, which can also be purchased by other players. There, you will receive a custom questline that you can complete with Lord Pang in Flarine.

For each quest, you will receive useful rewards for your character, and at the end, always a Fashion Set with very useful effects, which have an exclusive appearance. Additionally, there are extra exclusive models available there.

Recently, such Adventure Passes have been introduced for midgame and endgame players, each containing different quests.

You can find more detailed information about the Adventure Pass on our Wiki: Click Here!

World Boss Hunt

Defeat world boss monsters that spawn at fixed and random times! You will receive useful items needed for the Royal area.

Recently, starting from Royal Level 6, you will also receive a Hunter's Badge, which you can use with Lord Pang in Cardia to obtain additional rewards for your character.

Daily Activities

Complete the daily quests in Cardia and occasionally those from Kebaria or Aurania as needed. In Cardia, you'll obtain important items, while in Kebaria and Aurania, you'll receive items from older content necessary for crafting certain items such as normal jewelry pieces, specific furniture with status effects, other useful power-ups, and more.

With these tips in mind, you're ready to embark on the next phase of your adventure in Entropia Flyff. Enjoy the journey and make the most of your Royal Level 10 progression!

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