Monster Clash

The Monster Clash is a highly-anticipated Guild event system that takes place twice a week. This exciting event allows Guilds to compete against each other in a fierce battle for the top spot. The rules of the game are simple: any Guild that successfully kills at least 150 Monsters will receive a reward, while the top three Guilds will receive an extra special box as a prize.
In order to participate in the Monster Clash, a Guild must have a maximum of six players. Each Guild will be tasked with taking on waves of Monsters that range in difficulty, with some of them being Boss Monsters. The ultimate goal is to kill the Monsters as quickly as possible in order to win.
The Monster Clash takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:00 pm. The registration period is open until 7:10 pm, during which Guilds must submit their lineup. This means that it is important for Guilds to coordinate with each other beforehand and decide who will participate in the Monster Clash.
The Monster Clash is an exciting opportunity for Guilds to showcase their skills and work together to achieve a common goal. By competing in this event, Guilds can earn valuable rewards that will help them progress further in the game. Whether you are a seasoned player or a new player looking for a challenge, the Monster Clash is an event that is sure to provide hours of entertainment and excitement. So gather your Guildmates and get ready to take on the Monsters!