Awake Window

We have recently made slight adjustments to our awake system in order to simplify the process of starting up on our server. Players can now have up to 5 awakes on a single item, providing greater flexibility and customization options.
To awaken an item, players can simply type /awake into the chat, which will bring up the corresponding window. One try will cost Penya, and the price will be slightly reduced for those with an active Premium status. Additionally, players can even mark the lines of their awakening in different colors for better visibility.
For those interested in fusing items, we offer a /fusionawake command that allows players to change the awake of their fusion.
Most players tend to aim for two maximum awakes on an item before utilizing the Scroll of Awakening-Augmentation to reroll any remaining lines to new, randomized ones.
Overall, our revised awake system provides greater flexibility and customization options for players, streamlining the process and making it more user-friendly.