Magma Cave of Kebaria (Heroic)

  1. Place: 4 Black Shiny Equipment Box | 2 Augmentation Lucky Box | 2x Diamond Lucky Box Lvl. 9-12

  2. Place: 2 Black Shiny Equipment Box | 1 Augmentation Lucky Box | 1x Diamond Lucky Box Lvl. 9-12

  3. Place: 1000 Blood Orbs | 1 Diamond Lucky Box Lvl. 7-12

You can check what specific items will bring you in the game by accessing the Item Wiki, which can be opened with CTRL + Z. There, by reading the item descriptions and checking the box content with CTRL + right-click, you can verify if a dungeon rewards you with items in a box/treasure.

Additionally, it's possible to check the rewards in the Dungeon Ranking window by opening it via Start -> Features -> Dungeon Ranking, selecting the dungeon, and paying attention to the top 3 rankings. Here, you will see the items along with their information when you hover your mouse over the item.

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